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Yabonza provides a number of additional services to the Real Estate industry Australia-wide.

We offer a wide range of inspections and property services, performed by our extensive network of licensed, on the ground agents across Australia.

Use our network and reduce your office overheads.

Need a pre-purchase or pre-settlement report? 

Designed to support your investment growth and help you from a Property Asset perspective.

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Pre-purchase reports

The yabonza pre-purchase report provides an overview of the property with an investors lens.


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Pre-settlement reports

As the buyer of a property, you have the right to inspect the property before final settlement to make sure that it’s in the same condition as it was when you initially saw it. If it’s not, there may be things you can ask the vendor to rectify before settlement.


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Pre-purchase report

The report should be used as a guide as to the potential of the asset from an investment perspective.

The report includes the following:

·The overall condition of the property, both inside and outside (is it tired and worn)
·Any potential fixes required to increase the maximum rental return
·A video
·The location of the property; What’s the road noise like, are there parks nearby, street parking, overhanging trees, neighbouring fencing etc.

  • Please note that the inspection is different from a pre-purchase building inspection and does not look at the overall structure of the property, pest, viability or any documents in relation to the property. The information that is provided is from an educated Property Asset Perspective rather than a builder’s perspective. This does not include a full building inspection report.

Pre-settlement reports

Our pre-settlement inspection is your final chance to take inspect the property prior to settlement. It’s when you can check that any special conditions have been met, rubbish has been removed, and the property has been maintained in the interim of settlement.

The yabonza agent can do the pre-settlement inspection on your behalf. The yabonza agent will walk through the property and complete a report, taking into consideration any special conditions or inclusions you have negotiated as part of the purchase.

The following is assessed as part of the report:

· If a brand new property - Are there any defects like movement cracks or is the property full of debris or dirty?
· If you agreed on inclusions or exclusions with the vendor - are the inclusions or fixtures still at the property and have any exclusions been removed?
· What is the overall condition of the property; does it need to be cleaned, are any repairs required?
· Is there any significant damage at the property which wasn’t there when the property was first inspected?
· On a room by room basis, what features does each room have, what is the condition of the carpet, what light fittings are there?
· Photos are taken in each room and also outside the property; exterior guttering and hot water systems, air ventilation systems.

Some of our additional services

Ingoing Inspection


Ingoing inspection is an inspection for the purpose of reflecting the condition of the property at the beginning of a tenancy, during any tenancy and use of the property there is going to be wear and tear and what the purpose of the ingoing is to track this wear and tear so we can stay on top of the overall condition and we can provide owners information on the asset at the beginning mid way through (routine inspection) and at the completion of a tenancy (outgoing inspection).

We rely on extensive photos and notes on each inch of the property to show a whole outlook for both the protection of the owners interest and tenants interests.

Routine Inspection


A routine inspection sits at 3 or 6 month intervals (varying state to state) during a tenancy. The purpose is to do a short inspection at the property and take an overview look at the property with photos and notes on each room. It is a chance for tenants to report any damage or maintenance issues. It is a chance for tenants to have more interaction with their asset management team regarding rental issues (reviews, extensions etc).

The routine inspection also provides the owners/ investors a brief reminder and update of the condition of the property so they can be assured mid tenancy that things are all in order.

Inspection report

Outgoing Inspection


The purpose of an Outgoing inspection is to take all notes and photos of the property from beginning of the tenancy (ingoing inspection) and cross check them to the day they tenants have vacated the property.

Through this we identify issues such as recommended preventative maintenance, damage to property and all cleaning issues to make sure that the property is returned to the same condition as provided to the tenants in the  beginning.

Why yabonza?

Big brand real estate agencies haven’t been able to service owners across Australia, let alone other countries at the same time.

yabonza's proven to despite the most challenging of environment’s in Australia (given its varied legislative requirement state by state) & the traditional barriers to servicing owners in another country.

Localised partners

Yabonza is licensed in all states and has a network of localised partners to complement the platform and more efficiently manage client portfolios.


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